Hyperthermia devices add energy directly to our body. They increase the Yang energy of our body. We offer several hyperthermia devices for everyday uses.

Handheld local hyperthermia device – Mitsui Onnetsuki. This device allows you to provide local addition of energy to any part of the body that is deficient in energy. With this device, you can clear any energy blockage and activate the flow of qi (chi) of any part of your body.

Whole-body hyperthermia device – Mitsui CaOn allows one to heat up the whole body easily. It can also be used to wrap up specific part of the body to achieve local hyperthermic effects.

Whole-body hyperthermic effects can also be achieved using the Hyperthermia Biomat. This mat allows one to perform two specific functions: (1) using extremely high temperature (50 to 70 degrees Celsius) to induce detox effects such as that of a sauna bath, (2) using  moderately high temperature (36-40 degrees Celsius) to keep the body temperature about the ideal temperature of 37 degrees Celsius during sleep. One can set a timer of up to 9 hours.

Full details of these Hyperthermia devices can be found at www.MitsuiHyperthermia.com