Hydrogen medicine is new but powerful. Accumulating research in the last 10 years showed that molecular hydrogen is a powerful gas for good health. It is used in emergency department of top hospitals in Japan to revive and prolong life for acute life-threatening conditions. In deep-sea diving, no divers will survive without the use of molecular hydrogen. In fact, the percentage of molecular hydrogen in the air carried by the divers can be up to 97% with oxygen occupies only 3%!

The powerful Vital Hydrogen VH-600 machine is a 2-in-1 machine producing pure molecular hydrogen at a rate of 400 ml/min. The pure hydrogen gas produced can be used in 2 ways: (1) for molecular hydrogen inhalation, and (2) for the production of hydrogen-rich water.

When molecular hydrogen is inhaled, it quickly saturates the blood plasma within minutes and this blood is carried around the body. This is the best way to clean up any inflammations in the blood vessels. As a result of this cleansing, one can minimize the chances of atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attacks. With a cleaner and uninflammed vessels, organs and glands are healthier, and as a result, people who inhale molecular hydrogen from the VH-600 machine for 30 minutes daily are healthier.

People who drinks hydrogen-rich water daily are healthier. This is because molecular hydrogen dissolved in the water removes free radicals along the gastrointestinal tracks. Drinking this water can help to heal any wounds in the gut including stomach and intestines.

Hydrogen is a capable and good antioxidant. Being the smallest molecule in the universe, it penetrates into every part of the body including tiny blood capillaries and body cells. Unlike many other antioxidants, molecular hydrogen targets free radicals (reactive oxygen species) selectively. It removes only bad free radicals and leave the good ones untouched. Moreover, the end product of the redox reaction is water which is not harmful to our body.

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