Pulsed Magnetic

The Biomag Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy series of devices energize cells by increasing the potential across the cell membranes. Once the potential is raised, oxygen and nutrients can rush into the cells, and toxic substances can also be discharged easily. With better resources with a cleaner environment, cell mitochondria can metabolize more efficiently and cells become healthier. When cells are healthier, tissues become healthier. When tissues are healthier, organs and glands are also healthier. When organs and glands are healthier, systems (such as respiratory, lymphatic, circulatory etc) also become healthier. With such systems within the body remain healthy, the overall health of individuals become healthy.

The Lumina pulsed magnetic therapy devices provide treatment frequencies for 108 medical conditions such as pain management, arthrosis of joints and spines, prostate inflammation, liver regeneration etc. There are used in more than 400 health establishments (such as clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, physiotherapy centres, health and sports clubs, spa centres) across Europe.

Biomag can be used safely for babies and young children.

Biomag devices are ideal treatment option for people with joint problems.

Biomag devices ensure that top athletes recover from their injuries faster.

The Biomag devices are easy-to-use and they can be used to treat illnesses for people who are unwell. For healthier people, daily use of these devices ensures that individuals remain in good health and high immunity.

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